How to Treat Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a serious medical condition affecting thousands of men and women across the world. If you suspect that you or a loved one is suffering from sleep apnea, do not ignore the warning signs. Visiting the doctor as soon as possible is an imperative part of your treatment. There are several treatment options available, including the VPAP machine. Continue reading to learn more about treating sleep apnea after diagnosis.

Time to Change Your Life

Once you make an appointment with your doctor and receive a sleep apnea diagnosis, he can discuss with you the various treatment options and which are most suitable for your exact situation. One of the most commonly used treatments for sleep apnea involves lifestyle changes. Your doctor is likely to recommend that you make a variety of changes in life, including losing weight, changing the way that you sleep, avoiding specific foods, and avoiding alcohol and the use of sleeping pills.

VPAP Machines Help Sleep Apnea Patients

The use of a VPAP machine is also a recommended treatment option that many doctors use or recommend. This special machine is designed for those facing extreme problems with their breathing that causes this condition to occur or to worsen. the machine is used to treat central sleep apnea conditions on works on a breath-by-breath basis. This machine is one of several the doctor can recommend that you use for sleep apnea treatment.

Is Surgery Right for You?


In special circumstances, surgery may also be a recommended option for sleep apnea treatment. There are several surgeries that may be of benefit if this condition bothers you, including a UPP surgery and a nasal surgery that corrections many different nasal passage problems that could be causing you trouble with sleep apnea.