Content ID and YouTube

If you uploaded a song to YouTube and it got taken down, the reason is called content DI. It’s probably happened to most of us – when we try and put up content that we think will get us followers, or when you buy YouTube views from a less than reputable provider.

Maybe it was a pictures slideshow with that new Miley Cyrus song. So, you put it together, you put the song on, you upload it to YouTube, and you even start to buy YouTube views. And within a couple of days, it’s already been taken down.

The largest platform for videos in the world has its own technology, called Content ID, which was created to benefit the creators – because the content created has value. This software helps identify which audiovisual documents don’t have copyrights, but have been uploaded to YouTube by someone other than the creator of it. Videos and songs have an identifying seal that makes them trackable, and thus, the program Content ID makes sure that the creators don’t lost control of any of their works.

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The most interesting part is that the owners of the copyright can decide what happens with their creations. Most of the owners of copyright choose to make money off of the views that their songs get for free, or buy YouTube views to promote it..

However, there are three other options. One is block the content. The second is silence the sound, and the third is limit who can see it. Thus, the owners and creators are the ones responsible for their content and what happens with it when copyrights are infringed.

Many international artists have complained about the lack of protection the internet provides for their works. Paul McCartney, U2, Taylor Swift and more have fought for better protection for copyrighted works. It’s a complex topic because the artists want more money to strengthen and grow their careers, and others can’t keep their music from being listened to free online.