A Guide to Spells That Work Instantly

If you’re looking to perform some spells that work instantly, maybe to help you in your love life, you can try some of the following. Love is actually surrounding you, but sometimes you need a little extra help to tap into that.

First, look for a little piece of paper. It should be recycled; use any piece of paper. Next, you need to write a poem on it. This poem should praise the Goddess, saying how great she is, then it should say that it is that you are needing. If you’re not a poet, don’t worry – just write. It doesn’t matter much.

What is most vital is that your feelings are expressed, and that what you want or need is also laid out on the table. Thus, there will be an elimination of confusion on what it is you’re asking for. Try and let it flow from inside of you, from your heart.

Fold the paper in half. The words should be inside. Then draw on the outside. You should draw the sign of the triple goddess, which you can look up online. Fold the paper again, in half, with the symbol facing inside. Then, draw a five pointed star, which is known as a pentacle. On the other side, write your birthday and your name, and then put the paper somewhere safe.

spells that work instantly

It’s important that you don’t touch the folded paper until your wish has been fulfilled. If it happens that you really must touch the paper, burn it, then spread the ashes from the paper on the ground and cast a new spell by writing a new poem and drawing, etc. That is also for if you decide you want to change your mind. It is a way to cancel the spell.