Boogie and funky beats for sale


Just because it says rap, doesn’t mean you have to stand for it. No, this short, informational article is not saying that you must switch yourself off from rap. In fact, it is suggesting that even though rap’s not your thing, you’ve got to listen to it. Expose yourself to other genres not normally what you and your pals would practice in your garage or basement. That way you build up a pretty good repertoire for your ears and creative abilities.

So, if you’re into old school boogie, or are really into rap, just know that there are beats for sale if you’re stuck for words or you find yourself in a bit of a musical jam, but in a bad way. You’re having a hard time with your own garage beats at this time. You don’t need to be stubbornly proud. You are allowed to use the work of others in order to perfect your own ideas. You have creative license to do this. The thing is though, in many cases, you’ll need to pay for the work of others, especially those who have been in the business since when you were still in diapers.

So, you’re struggling for funds at this time. That’s okay too. Because you can still download beats for free. You can use these for practice and experimentation while you’re working in your garage or basement, still trying to strike the right chord, doesn’t matter what genre you’re working on. These beats are cool because they’ve been produced from equipment that you don’t yet have at your disposal. To sell yourself forward, you can also use these free downloads for demo purposes.


And if your work’s any good, a producer could help you finance that much needed license.